Register (Profile Account)

To add any listing account on directory9 you first have to register a "Profile Account", this registration process is done when first signing up to directory9  for a new listing.  All listings that you add will be added under your profile account.  This profile account can be private or public, this is up to you.

To get started, click the "Log in" at the top right of any page and then click "Register" and signup with your details or Facebook.  Go to your email account and look for an email with "Activate your directory9 Account"

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Profile Account

To complete your directory9 profile account simply click one of the links "Edit my Profil", "Profile" or "Account Preferences" to add your personal or companies details. NOTE: this is not your list account.  Complete your account details as per each field.

You can make your own Profile URL, also, at the bottom of the page, you can publish your profile information or keep it private, this is up to you. 

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Listing Notification

After your first directory9 listing has been added, return to your profile account page and scroll to the bottom, tick the "Notify me" checkbox if you wish to be informed of reviews and monthly traffic stats.

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